Hyaluronic Acid Age Plus Booster 75 min.
For instant skin firming. A specially developed anti-ageing treatment to plump up the skin and improve elasticity. A complex of two hyaluronic acids combined with micro-encapsulated Swiss glacier water penetrates deep into the skin for immediate effects. The serums used are tailored to the individual to ensure long-lasting results.
CHF 270,00
T3 Skin Rejuvenator 90 min
A three-step system to improve the look of ageing skin. This exclusive facial treatment is based on non-invasive technology that delivers maximum skin renewal and rejuvenation. In addition to addressing signs of ageing, the innovative instrumental approach is designed to treat a wide range of skin complaints with the specific goal of restoring a radiant complexion. The T3 SKIN REJUVENATOR device produces visible skin improvement in cases of hyperpigmentation, sun damage, blemishes, acne, redness or rosacea.
CHF 390,00
Bio Skin Balance 60 min.
Restores the skin’s balance through a refining and smoothing 10% lactic acid peel combined with bioenergetic lymphatic drainage, promoting the skin’s natural self-regulation function and actively combating excess tissue fluid. A serum and deeply penetrating mask round off the treatment and prolong the duration of the effects.
CHF 210,00
Bio Skin Energising 90 min
Consists of a 10% lactic acid peel to smooth the skin followed by a dynamic muscle toning treatment to redefine the contours of the face and visibly tighten the skin. A heavy dose of moisture revitalises the skin. A replenishing mask increases skin elasticity and visibly improves skin firmness.
CHF 290,00
Chrono Repair Men Care 60 min
Featuring a cleansing gel specially tailored for men’s skin, this treatment removes toxins and impurities, stimulates the lymphatic system and counteracts lymphatic ongestion.
CHF 210,00
Chrono Repair Natural Lifting 90 min
This treatment reduces visible signs of ageing and strengthens the structure of the skin. Muscle tone is stimulated to provide a noticeable lift. The result is a radiant appearance and a natural anti-ageing effect.
CHF 290,00